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"SmartStudents - India's leading portal offering various study abroad programs
in countries like Australia, UK, US, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore and Dubai.

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SmartStudents Study Abroad Programs opens the door to experience the quality education options around the world.
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"SmartStudents gives you a fantastic way to search for Study Abroad Programs by levels, courses and country. It is very easy to get options, so you won't get lost with what you looking for."

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Scholarships For Study Abroad Programs

First thing comes in mind while thinking to study abroad is cost. Most students do not even know that students can easily apply their current on-campus financial aid packages,to their study abroad programs in addition with the scholarships. Sometimes students who pays out-of-state tuition, if compared with study abroad programs then study abroad is more cheaper then a traditional on-campus expenditure.

Students can easily opt various scholarship options available such as :

  • Student based Scholarships : These scholarships are based on gender, race, religion, family history. Minority scholarships are very easy in this category.

  • Merit based Scholarships : Based on a student's academic record, category, or other abilities. Also with students extracurricular activities and service record.

  • Program Specific Scholarships :These scholarships are offered directly by individual programs or the colleges and universities for qualified students under certain criteria, on the basis of academic records and personal achievements.

  • Subject based Scholarships : Scholarships provided by programs or instituitions based on their academic major or field of study. These scholarships might require that the student must opt to subject-specific research with that particular course while abroad.

  • Country based Scholarships :Scholarships awarded by the country specific to students for planning to take education in that particular country. Government provides incentives to study in that country instead of any other country.

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